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August 20, 2020
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Essential Outdoor Clothing Purchases

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It has never been easier to get great outdoor clothes. Whether you shop on line or in stores, a vast range of clothing and footwear is available for every season and leisure pursuit. There is something to suit every age and fashion style. And style does not have to be sacrificed, as there is plenty on offer for every budget, from top designer shops, to specialist stores and supermarkets.

A number of factors will help to make the right choice. Seasonal climate, weather conditions and the type of activity engaged in will determine the kind of jackets, tops, base undergarments, socks, gloves, hats and bottoms that will be needed. There are many aspects to consider. Warmth, wind and water resistance are the most obvious. Comfort, breathability and ease of movement are also important.

A cheap cagoule is fine for occasional use, but a durable jacket is essential for the serious outdoor person. These can be fleece, high performance softshell, down jackets, insulated jackets, wind or ski jackets. They are designed with various features which make them wind and rain proof and have zipped ventilation vents. Some even have helmet compatible hoods and allow safety harnesses to be fitted.

The choice of undergarments is between natural fibres like cotton, wool or silk, or thermal synthetics. Synthetic fibres are preferred, as they are designed to "wick away" moisture and dry quickly, unlike natural fibres which tend to absorb moisture and make you clammy. Layering is advised for maximum warmth and lightness. Thin layers are better than a thick, heavy sweater as they trap warm air, and so provide better insulation. Mid-layers can be open-weave or knit
fabric shirts, which can be added to removed as needed. A fleece can be useful as it is lightweight, warm and the front zip allows for ventilation.

Trousers can be of any style, though denim jeans may restrict movement and cause chafing. Quick drying synthetic trousers in a loose fitting style with pockets are the most popular. Waterproof over-trousers are useful as they can be kept rolled up and put on when needed. Gaiters are knee-high leggings which can protect against ticks and brambles, and are specially useful when wearing shorts.

In exposed, cold conditions, a warm hat under a hood will protect your head and ears. Warm gloves are another must-have, especially for people with poor circulation. Rather than keeping your hands in your pockets, it is better for good posture to allow them to swing freely as you walk.

Good footwear is essential for comfort and safety, and should be chosen with care. Stout walking boots are best at keeping feet warm and dry and give good ankle support. They are suitable for all terrain, whereas walking shoes and trainers are lighter, but have no ankle support, and are not usually waterproof. Many eschew hi-tech footwear and happily ramble in wellingtons. Wearing two pairs of socks helps to prevent blisters.

There is no excuse for being a couch potato, so get kitted out and enjoy the beauty and health benefits of the great outdoors!


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