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October 11, 2020
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Factors You Need To Be Aware Of If Your Teen Wants To Become A Fashion Model

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If you are the parent of a somewhat attractive and fashion conscious teen you may find that they desire to be a fashion model. Even though most people think of girls as models, boys are employed in the field as well. I worked as a male model when I was in my teens so I have first hand experience. The thing you need to ask your self as a parent is should you allow them to be models.

There are many factors that come into play and must be considered when you are deciding whether or not to allow your teen to participate as a fashion model. One of the factors to consider is whether they would be modeling locally or working out of town or even abroad. In most situations I would have no problem with my teen working locally, this is what I did. Traveling and working with adults in environments that they may not be emotionally mature enough to handle is another story.

Another consideration is how your teen came up with the idea. If they just want to be a model you may not have anything to worry about anyway, modeling agencies are very picky about who they use. On the other hand if a local agency or a department store has actually asked your teen if they would be interested in modeling then you may want to sit up and take notice. This means that they may have a look that the agencies and stores are looking for and they could actually get work as a model. Even so, it will take a lot of work and ambition from your teen to actually make it as a model.

Still another consideration is what kind of fashions that your teen would be wearing while modeling. Depending upon the age of your teen there are some styles that you would not want them in. For example, many of the clothing styles today for teens are very sexy, revealing, and seductive. Do you really want your 13 year old modeling clothing like that? You also have to consider that there are pedophiles that could be watching the fashion shows which could set your teen up to being exposed to a dangerous stalker or child predator.

If you decide that you are okay with your teen taking a stab at modeling it is far easier for you to control the situation if you target local fashion shows and the shows put on by local department stores. This way you can maintain some control over the people that they come in contact with. Just be careful and do a little research, especially if you are using a modeling agency. Some agencies are just scams that take your money and never get you work.


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