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July 29, 2020
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Find Your Dream Jeans Waiting For You Online

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From toddlers to grandparents, practically everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their closet. Jeans go with anything and come in hundreds of styles to suit men and women, boys and girls. Is there anything cuter than a miniature version of this denim staple, complete with tiny riveted jacket, in size 3 to 6 months?

Jeans started out as sturdy and serviceable work clothes, worn by sailors who had to endure long sea voyages, and adventurers who opened up the wild western part of North America.

In some ways nothing has changed in this regard. People still rely on their jeans for work, everyday casual wear, even high fashion. Farmers wear jeans. Miners wear jeans. Folks wear jeans to the office. You'll even see jeans being worn with dinner jackets at the Academy Awards.

Early on, jean fabric was rugged and heavy and came in one color. Although it was easily washed, as opposed to wool, it took forever to dry. Today jeans are manufactured in a myriad of blends. The basis is cotton, but the cotton is combined with other fibers such as spandex or polyester. Another common blend is cotton and lycra, or elastane, as it is called in Europe.

These modern fabrics can be made into garments that are comfortable to the skin, move with the wearer, and conform to a person's shape. To top it off, your best jeans, can be washed again and again with no deterioration in texture. You save on drying time, and the color will remain bright.

Jeans come in classic rise, low rise, extra low rise, slim leg, straight leg, boot style, flare and bell bottom. You can zip them up, button them up, or even pull them on. Elasticized waists are not high fashion, but for some body shapes they're the only way to go.

You'll find jeans sold in women's shops by name brand designers, complete with fancy stitching, beaded pockets, and sparkly belts. They come in every color of the rainbow, some even showing artificial wear and tear. It costs extra for artfully placed holes and ragged hems.

In some cases, jeans are washed dozens of times in water spiked with acid and stones. Did you ever wonder what exactly stoned washed meant? Some brands look so thin and worn that you'd think they should be on the racks of your local thrift store.

Instead, be prepared to pay premium price for these distressed trousers. Invariably it's the crisp, new, unblemished classic farm worker style jeans that are the most economical.

That being said, fashion is fashion, and most of us don't want to be outstanding in the cornfield. We want to strut our stuff in the latest figure conforming, jewel encrusted, embroidered, studded, frayed and prematurely old jeans we can find.

Then, when we find the perfect pair, we turn over the price tag, gasp and head home to our computer. With a few clicks, we sigh with relief. We have found the style we crave, at an incredibly low price, on an online wholesale clothing site. The wonderful world of name brand designer clothing awaits you on the web.


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