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13 Jul 20
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Dressing Right For A Job Interview
Do you ever feel nervous when you go for a job interview? We all do to some extent, but if you are fussing and worrying over how you look as well, it doesn't bode well for a successful outcome. It's natural to think about how we can make the best impression at a job interview.
20 Aug 20
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Essential Outdoor Clothing Purchases
It has never been easier to get great outdoor clothes. Whether you shop on line or in stores, a vast range of clothing and footwear is available for every season and leisure pursuit. There is something to suit every age and fashion style. And style does not have to be sacrificed, as there is plenty on offer for every budget, from top designer shops, to specialist stores and supermarkets.
13 Sep 20
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Explore More Plus Size Fashion Options
Fashion for plus sized women has come a long way since the dark ages.
11 Oct 20
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Factors You Need To Be Aware Of If Your Teen Wants To Become A Fashion Model
If you are the parent of a somewhat attractive and fashion conscious teen you may find that they desire to be a fashion model. Even though most people think of girls as models, boys are employed in the field as well. I worked as a male model when I was in my teens so I have first hand experience. The thing you need to ask your self as a parent is should you allow them to be models.
19 Oct 20
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Fitness wear for women isn't just about plain bodysuits and gray yoga pants anymore
Today's fitness wear for women is about more than the brightly coloured yoga pants and bodysuits that simply blend in. Today's fitness wear for women is about sophistication and meeting women's needs. No longer is fitness wear for women strictly for comfort.Women want comfortable yoga pants that to not stretch when washed.
29 Oct 20
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Front Pocket Wallets and Other Carrying Cases: Three Ways to Keep Your Cell Phone and Money Handy
The cell phone revolutionized communications. It forever changed the way people keep in touch as well as do business with one another.As cell phones and then other handheld electronics became more popular, new personal storage and transport solutions were needed. This need fueled the development of front pocket wallets and other means of storing and carrying handheld electronics.
17 Nov 20
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Give More Variety With Kids Camo Clothing
Whether you are shopping for back to school, a new winter wardrobe or simply because you have noticed your child has outgrown or destroyed a lot of clothing, it is important to make sure that you are doing what you can to spice up the wardrobe a little bit. This is how you are going to be able to make sure that you are giving your child the chance to really mix things up a bit.
23 Nov 20
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How To Choose Back to School Fashions That Will Suit Your Personality
Everyone expresses their individuality in different ways. As a Native American I have native tribal tattoos and earrings that set me apart from anyone else around where I live.Some people will use certain symbols or customized sayings on t-shirts and other methods to express themselves. Many people use their clothes to express an attitude or certain way of thinking.
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